Athleisure: The best (and comfiest!) fashion trend

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Athleisure: The best (and comfiest!) fashion trend

On any social media platform, but most especially Instagram, you are surrounded by celebrities and influencers casually leaving the house in what would normally be presumed to be worn strictly in the gym. However, with more and more people wearing it casually, it has grown to be a norm. The Athleisure norm.

What is Athleisure?

Merriam-Webster defines it to be casual clothing created to be worn both for fitness and general use. It includes a variety of trends and styles including yoga pants, jogger pants, leggings, sports bras, hoodies, sneakers and the list just goes on.

Why did it become a trend?

Athleisure creates a seamless fusion between sports, street and fashion trends. It’s become a complete lifestyle for many with it practically becoming a cult. Its aesthetic blend of sports and fashion means it has both style and function so everybody wins. It also creates a positive feedback loop wherein people living healthy leads to them thinking better leading to a better way of living.

How to style it

When it comes to normal trends, this is usually the hard part. However, athleisure take that pressure off as it’s easy. With your normal gym clothes turned more stylish, you can just take how you wear them into the gym and you’re good to go. If you’re out of ideas, here’s some inspiration to get you started!

Black and White

fitwear ripped leggings athleisure

There’s a wide variety of work out options, in different colors and sizes. If you’re still a beginner and you just want to dip your toes into this trend, you can go for a neutral look. You can go all black and look sleek and more put together or add in a light, white piece to make it more fun and interesting.

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Casual Mesh Look

mesh leggings fitwear fashion kendall kylie jenner

With Kendall Jenner practically being the poster child for Athleisure, she’s a great inspo for any look under this trend. You can see her wearing a pair of mesh leggings and making it a bit more rocker chic with a leather jacket and it also integrates the all black look we talked about in the previous look.

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elastic shine leggings fitwear fashion

If you’re more adventurous and willing to show some skin, you can go for a matching set of sports bra and leggings and just bring a jacket if you’re going to colder places. This will easily set you apart from the crowd and highlight that body you’ve worked so hard for. Embrace all your hard work and show it off in style.

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Go extra comfy

camouflage stripes leggings fitwear fashion

While athleisure is already a comfy trend in itself, you can up it even more with your comfiest tee paired with your stretchiest leggings. While you may feel like just lounging around, you still look stylish and prepared to conquer that to do list. This is a perfect outfit for those days you’re too lazy to think of what to wear but you still want to look great.

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As you can see, the athleisure trend has so much potential so it’s about time you join the trend turned lifestyle. It’s the perfect time to love your body and show it off, all the while remaining comfortable. There’s no more need to sacrifice style for comfort, it has come full circle with athleisure at its peak.

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