What is Fitwear?

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April 20, 2019
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April 30, 2019

What is Fitwear?

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Army Spot 2

Fitwear is the clothing you use when you are working out and doing sports. These are designed to be functional and comfortable for people doing fitness. This athleisure clothing does not compromise the function with the fashion and is perfect for both athletic and casual activities. With fitwear, the right athletic top and athletic leggings will allow you to make the most of your energy when doing your activities.

Fitwear is also called athleisure clothing, activewear and athletic wear. All of which are used for exercise, everyday wear and sports. These athleisure clothing is usually made with fabric that cools your body and doesn’t restrict once you sweat.

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How it gained Popularity

While people have been using sportswear since the early 20th century, it was mostly limited to inside gymnasiums and PE classes. It grew fame during the 80’s when the fitness craze was at it’s peak. Though the term athleisure clothing wasn’t coined at this moment, it was seen in the way people went out in their athleisure tops and athleisure pants.

It’s now grown back in its fame due to its convenience in that it can be worn both in the gym and outside. It has surpassed the trend phase and athleisure clothing is now more known to be a lifestyle. More and more people are getting into it as it creates a combination of function and style.

More and more celebrities are spotted pairing a shirt with athleisure leggings or an athleisure top with a pair of jeans and sneakers. This has brought their supporters to copy the athleisure clothing style as well.

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Why you need it

The basic premise of course is wearing it will help you in your active plans. Wearing an athleisure top and athleisure pants can aid you in creating a better workout. You can stretch more while remaining comfortable and the right athleisure leggings may even help you improve your form.

Aside from that, it also affects your mental state of mind. Wearing athleisure top and athleisure pants makes you feel better and encourages you to be more active because you look good. This cycle allows you to make the most of your athleisure leggings as you get fit while staying in style.

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You can look fresh and stylish even while doing extreme activities. You can even just go out for your daily activities in an athleisure top and athleisure leggings and you feel more put together.

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As you can see, fitwear has so much potential to be a staple in your wardrobe. Use it in anywhere, from your home, to the gym and outside. We’ve got a variety of fitwear you can shop online so you can be the next athleisure style icon.