Activewear Put-Together by these Great Celebrities

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July 1, 2018

Activewear Put-Together by these Great Celebrities

The wave of celebrities and other influencers are dominating the online world. That is to create awareness and advocate health and fitness to people who are aspiring to be fit and sexy. Even with their busy schedules at work, they manage their time to do sweat sessions at the gym and are being spotted with their stylish activewear and workout clothes. Let’s take a look at these gorgeous celebrities and get some bits of how they put together their best activewear!

  1. Lily Collins

Would you look at that abs! Collins knows how to flaunt her body.
We just so love her bespectacled and in that black crop top, black leggings, gray cardigans combination. So chic and we’re drooling to have that sexy six-pack ab as well.


  1. Beyonce 

We are crazy in love with Ivy Park, Beyonce’s very own activewear clothing line.
She shows a great combination of a styled black crop top, and black leggings and that all-time fierce Beyonce look telling us all to work out.


  1. Bella Hadid

Bella’s workout clothes remind us to push hard and strive for that body we want to achieve; with that black sports bra, black leggings, black sweatshirt, black cap and white sneakers.
That supermodel’s activewear makes us want to go on a run.


  1. Jennifer Lopez

Even on vacation in the Bahamas, J.Lo never forgets to take care of her body.
She works out with a refreshing green sports bra matched with activewear leggings. Zipping the rest of my mouth cause really, J.Lo has it all.


  1. Miley Cyrus

Who says you cannot take your pet dog for a walk? Cyrus will teach you how to do it in style.
She looks stunning with this simple yet looks cozy gray sweater, black leggings, gray sneakers, and gray hat.
She’s definitely in love with gray on this hike in Hollywood.


  1. Alessandra Ambrosio

Victoria’s Secret supermodel, ain’t got no secret when it comes to the list of stylistic activewear clothes she wears on her workout session in Los Angeles. Wearing a black sports bra and matching high-waisted leggings, we’ll get envious by her toned body.
Can we achieve that too, Alessandra? Thanks for inspiring us.


  1. Chloë Grace Moretz

Better obey this girl’s fitness habit. Moretz had her SoulCycle workout and still stunning and stylish wearing a purple sweatshirt and black leggings combination.
Pure and class from a young lass happily in love with Brooklyn Beckham. Lucky girl, indeed.


  1. Julianne Hough

She looks sexy on this gym workout clothes showing off her toned abs. A black sports bra and gray leggings will never go wrong.
She partnered it with black round eyeglasses and black sneakers.
You can now hunt affordable activewear similar to hers and feels like Julianne Hough while doing your exercise.


  1. Taylor Swift

Dressed in a black tank top, black spandex shorts and a gray hoodie… she looks so fit!
Her activewear style is so millennial. Swifties fans, take note of this stunning workout clothes ensemble.


  1. Adriana Lima

Fit, fabulous, sexy, enticing! Lima flaunts her incredible abs in a printed sports bra and black leggings combination.
It takes sweat to achieve this kind of body. A real supermodel.


These fantastic curves and body genuinely inspire many of us to achieve and sculpt ourselves to be just like them. But always remember that it would take a lot of discipline and healthy, active lifestyle to be in shape. These celebrities only prove that you can always find a way to keep your body healthy amidst the busy schedule.

Fitness is not an overnight success; it takes hard work and perseverance to achieve it. And it is essential to stay relaxed, active and confident about how you handle and wear your clothes when working out. You can find similar gym clothing worn by celebrities on the list at an affordable price  in our fitwear collection and be motivated to have that kind of body you dreamed of.